Daria Dhillon

There is something so incredibly beautiful about pregnancy. Daria and I connected through Instagram and we immediately hit it off together! She sent me some photos, hoping to set up a sunset shoot to catch some beautiful golden hour lighting with some mountains as the backdrop. Good thing we live in British Columbia because we have a few options…! After suggesting a couple places we settled on a place in Chilliwack.

The session day came and I got a phone call from Daria hoping to change the location to Pitt Lake. Daria and her husband were coming from Vancouver and they were running a little behind and didn’t think they could make it to Chilliwack in time to catch the sunset. We quickly changed plans and headed to Pitt Lake as quick as we could. The sun dips behind the mountains at Pitt Lake, so sunset comes a little sooner. By the time we got there, the sun was sitting just above the mountains. We rushed out and were able to grab a few photos with the sun, and within a minute it was gone. However, the sun was still shining a little farther down on the road, so we made our way to it and grabbed a few more photos in the golden hour light before it disappeared altogether. 

Our session continued without the sunset, but I don’t think we needed it. The mama-to-be was straight fire and made her own light, glowing in her pregnancy. Paired with her gorgeous dress from Nordstrom and the incredibly beautiful mountain backdrop, we were able to create some stunning images.



Decorative Image